Hemlock Woolly Adelgid

As most know by now, the wooly adelgid now threatens to kill all the Eastern Hemlocks in the reservation (and, indeed, all hemlock trees in the eastern U.S.). A tree typically lives only a few years after infestation. Working with the Friends, Representative Kay Kahn and Senator Cynthia Creem have petitioned MDC commissioner Balfour to act. More information is in the Minutes of our November, 1998, April, 1999, and May, 1999 meetings. Committee meetings to consider funding to combat the pest in Hemlock Gorge were held in April.

Senator Cynthia Creem has had funding to combat the Adelgid (and to repair Echo Bridge) included in the Senate Budget. Click here to see her June 7 press release and above for the latest update. For more detailed information, concerned individuals can call Alderman Brian Yates, Senator Creem’s office, or Representative Kay Khan’s office.