Some of the folks at the 1998 fall cleanup

Meeting Minutes: November 10, 1998

Next Meeting: Tuesday December 1, 1998 at 7:15 at the Mills Falls Restaurant

Brian Yates, Ken Newomb, Hank Lysaght, John Mordes, and Hannah Sherman attended the November meeting.

After congratulating ourselves on the success of the Clean-Up Day, we discussed the plans for the November 19 party for Ken Newcomb and his Internet book, The Makers of the Mold. The Newton Public Library’s lack of projection equipment will be compensated for by John Mordes and Hank Lysaght who will borrow from the Wellesley Library.

Brian Yates, Ken Newcomb and others at lunch in the Stone Barn after the fall 1998 cleanup

The party for Ken Newcomb was a great success, thanks to all the people who worked so hard to prepare the book for the Internet, to plan the celebration, and to contribute time and effort to the production of a wonderful evening. We had a large attendance, including friends, relatives, and City and State officials. Mayor Cohen of Newton read a Proclamation honoring Ken. Brian Yates read statements from Lois Pines (in the State Senate) and Kay Khan (in the State House of representatives). There was much praise of Ken for his many years of dedicated work.

At the November meeting we again saw an old photo of the bridge spanning the channel opposite the Devil’s Den. this is another proof that the bridge was two separate straight spans.

Brian Yates reported on a lecture he and Kevin Hollenbeck attended at the Arnold Arboretum about the woolly adelgid. The lecturer, Dr. Mark McClure, has bred a tiny species of lady bug that is being used by the State of New Jersey to combat the adelgid. Brian has already called a forester in New Hampshire who knows who stocks these bugs in Massachusetts. Brian suggests that legislators in Massachusetts be persuaded to invest in an MDC program to fight the adelgid.

John Mordes and Brian Yates will plan the annual dues letter and the report of our activities, which should be mailed out after the December 1 meeting. As in past years, we’ll meet at the MILL FALLS RESTAURANT to do this mailing. Do come help us on December 1!

This meeting adjourned at 9:00 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted,

Hannah Sherman, Secretary