Meeting Minutes: April 6, 1999

Next Meeting: Tuesday May 4, 1999 at 7:15

Present were: Brian Yates, Ken Newcomb, Kevin Hollenbeck, Bobbi Demers, John Mordes, Vaunita Schnell, Bruce Conrad, Carol McPherson, and Hannah Sherman.

Brian showed letters from Sen. Creem to MDC chief David Balfour, urging the spending of money to combat the Woolly Adelgid. His reply indicated willingness to do this.

Further Adelgid News

The Federal Government will not spend to buy the special ladybugs that eat adelgids. The Forest Service says the infestation patterns in the Gorge do not make a good test case. Sen. Creem and Rep. Khan are helping us get State money. Rep. Khan’s bill is being heard on Apr. 7. Hank Lysaght will attend and report to us. Meanwhile,the MDC plans to treat 250 of our trees with micro-injection. One of their officials has a pesticide license. One case of the chemical costs $1200. How many cases do we need? The MDC hopes to do the work this spring. Incidentally, the Durham conference this summer seems to be useful only to parks, so Brian and Kevin will not attend. They can get a transcript of Dr. McClure’s speech, the only one that applies to us.

Money to repair Echo Bridge will be considered in a bill to be heard April 14.

Answering a question from John Mordes, Kevin says the Quinobequin Guard Rail work will not be done this year. Only 5 of the projects on this year’s list will be attempted.

Treasurer’s Report

We have $909, and receivables.

Vaunita Schnell says the Stone Building did not meet this month. Five years ago the cost of renovation was estimated at $150,000 so it will be more now! Could the owners of the new HMO building and the Sun-Life building be persuaded to give money? The Stone Building and surrounding grounds are an excellent lunch-picnic site.

Will the closing of the Mill Falls Restaurant impact the lighting of Echo Bridge? Larry Wolozin, manager of the restaurant, has helped us with this.

The latter part of this meeting was devoted to preparing the mailing of the Hemlock Herald.

The April Clean-Up was our most successful ever, with attendance of 30 to 40 people. Many thanks to all who helped, especially those from Scout Troop 218 of Upper Falls.

This meeting adjourned at 9 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted,

Hannah Sherman, Secretary