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Summer Picnic 2024

Summer Picnic 2024

August 6, 2024    

5:00 pm – 9:00 pm

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  • Meeting Minutes 10/3/2023

    Meeting Minutes 10/3/2023

    The Friends held their monthly meeting at 7:15pm on Zoom. Evan Weststrate led the meeting, and minutes were recorded by same. No formal agenda was followed but the following topics were discussed:

  • Monthly Meeting Minutes 9/5/2023

    Monthly Meeting Minutes 9/5/2023

    Minutes The Friends met over Zoom, led by Evan Weststrate. Members in attendance were: Robin, Evan, Don, Emily, Jean, Rena, Loumona Treasurer’s Report: We have $7016 in our account. Issues discussed: The Summer Picnic was a success. Pictures were posted. Fall Cleanup: Scheduled for October 28. There was some confusion over the date, but the…

  • Annual Summer Picnic 2023

    Annual Summer Picnic 2023

    Our 2023 annual picnic, held at the stone building.

  • A walk in Hemlock Gorge

    A walk in Hemlock Gorge

    On June 11 the Newton Conservators sponsored a two hour walking tour of Hemlock Gorge that was led by Katherine Howard and co-hosted by Friends’ President John Mordes. It took place on a gorgeous day and was attended by about 20 people. We covered the geology and history of the park and visited the Stone…

  • 2023 Spring Cleanup

    2023 Spring Cleanup

    The Friends of Hemlock Gorge Annual Spring Cleanup took place on Saturday April 29.

  • Minutes for December 6, 2022

    Minutes for December 6, 2022

    Holiday Celebration: This was the year-end meeting which was both a formal meeting and holiday party. It was celebrated at the Osborne House and was catered by Better Life Foods, which gave the event a very gala atmosphere.

  • Our December 2022 Holiday Meeting

    Our December 2022 Holiday Meeting

    Our December 2022 Holiday Meeting took place on December 6. We had both in-person and Zoom attendees, and everyone had a great time. The event was held, as in many years past, at the Osborn homestead in Upper Falls.

  • Annual Letter to Members, 2022

    Annual Letter to Members, 2022

     As Covid-19 relented a bit, 2022 was a good year for both Hemlock Gorge and the Friends of Hemlock Gorge. The park continued to be visited by many families, new visitors, and old friends.

  • Important Stone Building News

    Important Stone Building News

    Rep. Balser is now working with the DCR and state authorities to move the restoration forward. Last year she was able to secure $250,000 in state funding for the restoration of the building that remains available and should cover the priority 1 repairs.

  • 2022 Fall Cleanup

    2022 Fall Cleanup

    See the gallery for the 2022 Fall cleanup

  • Upper Falls Village Day, October 2, 2022

    Upper Falls Village Day, October 2, 2022

    Upper Falls Village Day took place on Sunday, October 2 in Pettee Square. The Friends had a booth and the event was a great success despite cold, blustery weather. Our pop-up shelter performed admirably and we introduced several people to the park.

  • Annual Summer Picnic 2022

    Annual Summer Picnic 2022

    At this event we had our long delayed dedication of the new roof on the Stone Building and a ceremony to recognize Representative RUTH BALSER for making the new roof possible and for all the additional effort she has put in to supporting our efforts to maintain the Stone Building and the Park.