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  • Meeting Minutes: January 9, 2024

    Meeting Minutes: January 9, 2024

    Attendees: Amy Kahn, Ben Kahn, Donald Ross, Evan Weststrate, Jean Fisher, John Mordes, Lara Prebble, Rena Getz, Paul Roberts, Robin Dexter Congratulations, Rena, on starting your new position! Debate: 7 v. 7:15. The mystery is solved! We start at 7:15, but John starts the Zoom at 7. Item 1: Banners for Cleanups Paul: Need a…

  • Monthly Meeting Minutes November 5, 2023

    Monthly Meeting Minutes November 5, 2023

    The November meeting of the Friends was held over Zoom

  • Meeting Minutes 10/3/2023

    Meeting Minutes 10/3/2023

    The Friends held their monthly meeting at 7:15pm on Zoom. Evan Weststrate led the meeting, and minutes were recorded by same. No formal agenda was followed but the following topics were discussed:

  • Monthly Meeting Minutes 9/5/2023

    Monthly Meeting Minutes 9/5/2023

    Minutes The Friends met over Zoom, led by Evan Weststrate. Members in attendance were: Robin, Evan, Don, Emily, Jean, Rena, Loumona Treasurer’s Report: We have $7016 in our account. Issues discussed: The Summer Picnic was a success. Pictures were posted. Fall Cleanup: Scheduled for October 28. There was some confusion over the date, but the…

  • Minutes for December 6, 2022

    Minutes for December 6, 2022

    Holiday Celebration: This was the year-end meeting which was both a formal meeting and holiday party. It was celebrated at the Osborne House and was catered by Better Life Foods, which gave the event a very gala atmosphere.