Meeting Minutes: April 5, 2016

Next Meeting: Tuesday May 3, 2016 at 7:30

Present were Vaunita Schnell, Brian Yates, John Mordes, Robin Dexter, Evan Weststrate, Bob Burke and Jason Lupien.

Issue 1: Bob Burke and Jason Lupien’s “Saving the Hemlock Trees” Project

The main order of business was the proposal initiated by Bob Burke and Jason Lupien to treat some or all of the hemlocks in the reservation to kill both the adelgids and the elongated hemlock scale that is afflicting the trees. As noted at previous meetings, Jason has proposed an Arbor Day volunteer program in which his firm, Lupine Landscaping, Inc. would treat the trees at no cost if the Friends could pay for the ‘Transect’ (Dinotefuran) insecticide. The trees would be treated by systemic injection, subject to approval by the DCR. The cost for materials would be no more than $6,138, and unused material would be refunded. The treatment would probably be effective up to two years, at which time re-application could be considered if the first was successful.

In addition, Jason would fell any trees beyond saving and work to clear the trails of obstructing fallen trees. Jason will also try to enlist other local arborists to participate in the program. Those present agreed to the trial, and Brian will pursue the plan and continue to negotiate with Jason and the DCR.

If everything works out, the park will be closed on Arbor Day, Friday April 29 for reasons of safety as insecticide application and tree pruning proceed.

Issue 2: Stone Building Fencing

The second major issue was the announcement by Evan that he and Karen Shanley have met with the DCR contractor and obtained a firm quotation for new fencing at the Stone Building. Fencing identical to that installed by the MWRA at the route 9 highway exit by the spillway would be too expensive, but pictures of the proposed fencing, which meets code, was though acceptable by everyone. The cost would be about $22,000 inclusive of installation, and in a 1:2 public partnership the Friends’ share would be about $7,300.


Brian announced that we have $12,518 in the back, leaving us about $1,000 short of funding both projects. Everyone involved agreed to try to proceed with an effort to close the funding gap with pleas for minor reductions in pricing and an appeal for special donations.

The cleanup date was finalized as Saturday April 30.

The meeting adjourned at 9:00 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

John Mordes, Secretary of Sorts