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  • Walk with Newton’s Mayor in Hemlock Gorge

    Walk with Newton’s Mayor in Hemlock Gorge

    Newton had in 2007 a summer program called “Walk with the Mayor.” A short walk featuring Upper Falls and Hemlock Gorge took place Wednesday, July 11, at 5:30 p.m. We hope to hear from people who had the chance to talk Mayor David Cohen in person about Hemlock Gorge and the Bridge.

  • Quinobequin Road News: 2005

    Some 12 years age the Friends suggested to the MDC, now the DCR, that something to control off road traffic on the section of Quinobequin road just downriver from Hemlock Gorge would be desirable to prevent vehicles from degrading the riverbank. We initially suggested a wood railing, but later, after hearing from neighbors, we thought…

  • Meeting Minutes: November 10, 1998

    Meeting Minutes: November 10, 1998

    Next Meeting: Tuesday December 1, 1998 at 7:15 at the Mills Falls Restaurant Brian Yates, Ken Newomb, Hank Lysaght, John Mordes, and Hannah Sherman attended the November meeting. After congratulating ourselves on the success of the Clean-Up Day, we discussed the plans for the November 19 party for Ken Newcomb and his Internet book, The…