Quinobequin Road News: 2005

The Environmental Protection notice and small flags indicate where the guardrail would have been.

Some 12 years age the Friends suggested to the MDC, now the DCR, that something to control off road traffic on the section of Quinobequin road just downriver from Hemlock Gorge would be desirable to prevent vehicles from degrading the riverbank. We initially suggested a wood railing, but later, after hearing from neighbors, we thought that some large stones might be nicer and serve the same purpose.

The Friends did not hear anything about this project for years, and then a guardrail installation was started in mid May–and then stopped a few days later! Neighbors had raised both safety and esthetic concerns; some thought it was a good use of parkland to allow kids to play with their cars there.

A meeting was held on May 31, 2005 at Newton Hall attended by neighbors, Mayor Cohen, and representatives of the DCR. It was agreed that the DCR and community would work together to find a better solution.

In addition, at the annual meeting of the Waban Improvement Society on June 2, 2005, the Friends proposed that we work collaboratively with the WIS and DCR to assist in the design of parkland improvements on this section of the Charles River.