A 1905 postcard of Echo Bridge's promenade, cropped to fit as a banner

Echo Bridge Promenade Closed Pending Temporary Barrier Installation

We have been assured that The Echo Bridge Promenade will remain open during the railing repair process. However,  the Promenade was closed on March 17 pending installation of temporary safety barriers. The picture to the right shows how the closure was effected on the Newton side by locked gate. There is a similar barrier on the Needham side.

We don’t know exactly when the gates you see in the photo will re-open, but we believe it will be very soon.

Echo Bridge was closed to pedestrians with this locked gate on March 17. It remained closed only a few days, until temporary safety barriers were installed soon after the photo was taken March 19, 2006.

UPDATE: As seen in the caption, the bridge was re-opened after the installation of safety barriers on March 19, 2006.