A 1905 postcard of Echo Bridge's promenade, cropped to fit as a banner

Echo Bridge Promenade Closing March 17, 2006

We were informed at the beginning of March, 2006 by the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) that Echo Bridge will be closed temporarily to pedestrians beginning March 17, 2006, fast upon the Ides of March. Et tu, MWRA? It is to remain closed for an indeterminate length of time. The reason is safety—the deterioration of the railings. Click here to read the text of the official announcement from the MWRA.

Friends President Brian Yates points out a deteriorated railing atop the Bridge in 2004.
Click here to see the October 2005 inspection report that raised the issue.

See the photos to the right for illustrations of the past and present of the Promenade. Click here to see Steve Clark’s collection of Panoramas of Hemlock Gorge taken from Echo Bridge.

The Friends discussed this matter at their March meeting and formulated plans to keep the bridge open, or at least ensure timely repair and re-opening of the bridge. The Newton Tab reported the closing on the front page of the March 8 and March 15 issues.

The Restoration of the Echo Bridge Railings has been on the agenda of the Friends and our allies in the legislature since the mid-1990s.