A 1905 postcard of Echo Bridge's promenade, cropped to fit as a banner

Echo Bridge Promenade to Re-Open During the Railing Repair Process

In response to the efforts of the Friends and local officials, the protests of many local residents, and the publicity generated by front page stories in the last two issues of The Newton Tab, the MWRA informed us on Friday, March 17, 2006 that, instead of closing Echo Bridge to pedestrians indefinitely, temporary “snow barriers” will be installed along the railings to warn pedestrians away from the edge. This will permit the Promenade to remain open during the process that will lead to a permanent solution to the railing repair problem.

This, of course, only “buys time” until a definitive repair or restoration plan for the railings can be found and funded, but still it is very good news indeed. Click here for the complete story behind the planned closure.