Adelgid Update: March 18, 2001

The Boston Globe ran a nice article on the efforts of the Friends to combat the woolly adelgid. The online version is no longer available.

Wild woolly adelgids attack hemlock trees

By John Laidler, Globe Correspondent, 3/18/2001

This story ran on page 1 of The Boston Globe’s Globe West section on 3/18/2001.
Copyright 2001 Globe Newspaper Company.

We have been informed by Charlie Burnham that the adelgids slated for release in Hemlock Gorge are being grown in a laboratory in Pennsylvania and that all is going well. Their release is slated for late spring. We’ll keep you posted. It is likely that the release date will come with little advance notice, so if you think you might like to attend, send us you email address and we will notify you.

The National Association of Conservation Districts published an encouraging note (June 1998) on the use of the ladybugs to control the adelgid. Additional information is in the Minutes of our November 1998 Meeting. Use of the ladybugs was also reviewed at hearings held by State Senator Stephen Brewer last fall in Gardner, MA.