Hemlock Gorge on Channel 4

Channel 4 Anchor Jack Williams did an op-ed column in the Herald and was contacted by Brian Yates. He filmed a story in Hemlock Gorge on Sunday with Brian and Charlie Burnham. It ran Sunday September 19 on the 6:30 and 11:00 o’clock news on Channel 4. Video tapes of the broadcast will be shown at a future Friends meeting.

State Senator Birmingham had a brief but successful visit to Hemlock Gorge. Brian met him, Senator Creem, and their staffs at the Ellis Street parking lot. They walked up to the Bridge and got as close to the echo station as was safe. They also walked up the stairs and took note of the need for repairs to the stairs and the bridge railings. Brian pointed out trees that were already dead and others that were heavily invested. He was informed about the partnerships for the parking lot and the Stone Barn. He seemed interested in coming back to see more. Senator Creem’s staff was very pleased. Representative Kay Khan was there also.