Meeting Minutes: May 4, 1999

Next Meeting: Tuesday June 1, 1999 at 7:15

Present on May 4 were: Brian Yates, Ken Newcomb, Bobbi Demers, Hank Lysaght, John Mordes, Nina Koch, Carol McPherson, Hannah Sherman. Brian began by circulating the Tab‘s article about Clean-Up. We congratulated ourselves on the success of the day’s work.

John Mordes and Brian did attend the Waban Improvement Society meeting about cleaning Quinobequin Rd.

Since Kevin Hollenbeck did not attend this meeting, we still await the new brochures.


The City of Newton says the MDC should do the replacement work. Brian suggested the Cops and Kids organization should help by cleaning the Ellis St. edge of the property. They clean on May 25.


We have $882, but food for Clean-Up Day has not been paid for yet.


There are two bills before the legislature asking for funds to combat the pest. However, Hank Lysaght says these bills contain requests for money for EVERYTHING so there is little hope that we will get any reasonable amount of money from them!


Our site’s info about the adelgid is very good. Could we join the site of Mass. Office of Travel and Tourism?


We decide to picnic at the Gorge on the first Tuesday in August. There will be no meeting in July.

How does the demise of Mill Falls Restaurant affect us? Who now pays to light Echo Bridge at night, thus inhibiting graffiti artists? What about parking space?

Efforts to increase our public exposure are discussed: T-shirts? Buttons? Bobbi Demers says brochures to use as tour guides through the Gorge are less expensive, take less time to prepare, and would spread the news better. Much discussion and explanation of why these are not ready now, when they might be ready, and where to sell them.

At the June meeting we’ll plan the picnic, get reports on the bills, and hear whether Kevin’s plan to get kids to help clean succeeded.

Brian says we must define the property line between the Gorge and the Needham homes. Their trash should not be on our land, but where is the line? We need surveyors.

Should we set a date to visit the Olmsted Site in Brookline? Hank Lysaght is willing to make an appointment for us to do this.

All the above items will be discussed (and settled?) at our June meeting.

This meeting adjourned at 8:36 P.M.

Respectfully Submitted,

Hannah Sherman, Secretary