Meeting Minutes: April 2, 1996

Next Meeting: May 7,at 7:15 Emerson Center

Present were Brian Yates, Ken Newcomb, Kevin Hollenbeck, Don Cusack, Vaunita Schnell, Nina Koch, John Mordes, and Hannah Sherman.

Ken showed us the original map and several old photos (some predating Echo Bridge) of the property. The map shows the original bounds. To retake the “encroached” land, we must have the land surveyed to find the original bounds and mark the property corners.

Don Cusack reports that our bank balance is $1,057.96. Jim Purdy will be asked to find the level of opulence we must reach before changes in our tax status. John Mordes reports that there are 70 people on the mailing list, of whom 60 are individual members. 22 have paid dues!!!

We plan our appearance at Newton’s Springfest on May 12. We will have a table and sell buttons, pass out brochures, show the presentation boards for the Stone Building (Vaunita will get these from the Wellesley Historical Society) and recruit members. Vaunita Schnell and Hannah Sherman have volunteered to sit at the table. Are there other VOLUNTEERS? One hour per candidate is enough. Tel: 332-4149.

We plan Clean-Up Day, May 12. Cleaning starts at 9 a.m. Kevin will bring supplies, plan the assigning of teams, provide some refreshments for lunch. Meet at Hamilton Place parking lot. Planting grass seed (to cover the space left when the homeless man cut down trees for fire-wood) will be done as well as planning the new Ellis St. Parking Lot. We plan to clean from Hamilton Place toward the Ellis St. lot and picnic in the meadow opposite the lot. The Walk will probably start at 1 p.m.

Nina Koch says the Upper Falls CDC may contribute funds for landscaping the Ellis St. Lot but we must match them. Vaunita will ask Home Depot to contribute.

The Newton Conservators have asked for a guided tour on a Sunday in June. Will somebody volunteer to lead this?

Vaunita suggests we send Rob MacArthur a note of thanks for his past work with us.

This meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Hannah Sherman, Secretary