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  • A walk in Hemlock Gorge

    A walk in Hemlock Gorge

    On June 11 the Newton Conservators sponsored a two hour walking tour of Hemlock Gorge that was led by Katherine Howard and co-hosted by Friends’ President John Mordes. It took place on a gorgeous day and was attended by about 20 people. We covered the geology and history of the park and visited the Stone…

  • Annual Letter to Members, 2018

    Annual Letter to Members, 2018

    Having managed to complete the installation of new railings by the Stone Building, we are still looking to make arrangements for the repair of the building’s roof. After a successful spring cleanup of the reservation, we had a spring picnic on the meadow on a fine day in August, the repairs to Cook’s Bridge having…

  • Meeting Minutes: April 2, 1996

    Meeting Minutes: April 2, 1996

    Next Meeting: May 7,at 7:15 Emerson Center Present were Brian Yates, Ken Newcomb, Kevin Hollenbeck, Don Cusack, Vaunita Schnell, Nina Koch, John Mordes, and Hannah Sherman. Ken showed us the original map and several old photos (some predating Echo Bridge) of the property. The map shows the original bounds. To retake the “encroached” land, we…