Meeting Minutes: March 5, 2024

Attendees: Evan Weststrate, Paul Roberts, Sheila Purdy, Robin Dexter, Amy Kahn, Ben Kahn, Rena Getz, Lee and Jean Fisher (from FL!), Donald Ross, Bill Humphrey (from the UK!)

Item 1: Treasury Report

Item 2: 501(c)3 Filings

State paperwork done for the year. Fed paperwork done. Transitioned from paper to electronic filing. $35 paid, plus $0.82 convenience fee. Will show up on the bank statement. Robin will double check.

Item 3: Confirm Plans for April Cleanup

We’re on for April 27! Hopefully we’ll have lovely new banners by then.

Item 4: Complaints about graffiti on the building hear the mill dam and debris in the river

Graffiti has been there for years. John brought it up with Erica recently. New complaint: fom Tsomedies Architects, tenants at the Mill complex. Graffiti disturbs their view. Another complaint received that there is debris in the river upstream of the Ellis Street dam, which may interfere with Runof the Charles. No easy solutions for either of these items.

Emily Norton heads up the CRWA. Evan stuck on mute.

John has been trying to get Erica to respond to email or text messages.

Idea from Paul: if they are architects, maybe they can contract the work out to a cleanup crew?

Rena will follow up with Emily.

Ben has a “terrible idea”: encourage artists to paint that little building – some kind of event and it may make something nice.

Item 5: Update on a Friends of Hemlock Gorge banner

Both banner designs from Evan approved.

Check them out!

Paul has requested a color version of the banner with the map

Item 6: Website Updates

Hemlock Gorge website on cleanup event looks great. May need it to email people about new events.

New cool photo gallery. Traffic is up, but it would be nice to get ideas for calling attention to it.

Amy’s giving a tour!

Feedback from Paul: Add a Join button right on the banner

Feedback from John: Tooltip on the Donate button with some invite information.

Item 7: Update on Scouting Projects

  1. Echo Platform still needs work on graffiti
  2. Box steps repairs – DCR has approved it.
  3. Colin Bechler suggested we use logs to create a corridor along the trail
  4. Update the area around the Stone Building to make it more amenable to meetings/events
  5. Laura Preble bench project. John will connect Laura and Paul to organize. Need Erica’s approval. Paul will contact Erica at the office for 2-3 more benches. May not need additional approval for a new wooden bench at the top of the box steps. Would be nice to have more by the stone building.

Item 8: Update on the Stone Building (Rep. Balser is leaving the State House)

They picked up the trash!

Bill Humphrey, if elected, will make Hemlock Gorge a high priority and will fill Ruth’s shoes. Bill will be on the September Democratic State Primary ballot.

Item 9: Update on QB Trail

Thanks to Ruth’s efforts, we have a sidewalk in front of the Stone Building, new crosswalks across Rte 9. Not a lot happening from the QB trail for a while. But now there is a new person – Sumukh Tendulkar – on the Waban Area Council that will focus on the trail!

Meeting scheduled for March 14 where he will bring up the QB trail. It would be so nice if they can connect the two.

Scouting project possibilities for the trail, especially steps.

Item 10: Notices of our meetings on Fig City News

Fig City News has asked to advertise our meetings. We can institute a waiting room on Zoom to control for potential disruptions.