Spillway Dam Repair News: 2012

June, 2012

Pre-construction meeting was held April 3 with Site Superviser Erica Aubin.  The tentative schedule is to put up the safety fencing early during the second week of April (Mon/Tues) and begin construction shortly after.  The Ellis Street/Route 9 corner will be fenced off through early July when the project is expected to be finished.  We may get a better timeline as things go along.  There are stakes out right now to show where the safety fence will be going.

Mitigation plantings will be going in as soon as possible (planting season).  They will be in the second field along Ellis Street and on the Newton side of Cook Bridge across from Hamilton Place, down from the parking lot at the office park.  There are some stakes up marking the planting sites now.  The mitigation plantings around the new spillway will be put in at the end of the project.  The construction crew will be using Ellis street as little as possible (driving heavy trucks, etc) and won’t be using Ellis Street or the Route 9 off ramp for parking.  There shouldn’t be much disturbance to the residents outside of the park.

Questions should be directed to DCR public outreach.  Bill Gode is securing that information for Erica and she will pass it along to the Friends when she gets it.

November, 2012

The dam is completed and the dedication was held in late November, 2012. The efforts of the Friends were recognized and President Brian Yates was an invited speaker.

The new spillway dam.