Urgent Adelgid News

To everyone concerned with the Friends’ efforts to save our hemlocks from the woolly adelgid: We have learned that the $60,000 budget item we requested to grow and release ladybugs to safely combat the adelgids has made it into the compromise budget that was passed by the Legislature and is now in the hands of Governor Cellucci. It is his decision to leave the money in the budget or to veto it. LAST YEAR HE VETOED A SIMILAR APPROPRIATION! We must try to persuade the governor not to veto it.

We urge all Friends and concerned citizens to PLEASE take a moment to call the Governor’s constituent services line at 617-727-6250 and tell the nice person who will take the call that you urge to governor to approve the funds. Calls from concerned citizens might make all the difference.

You may also write to the Governor’s office (Gov. Paul Cellucci, The State House, Boston, MA), but time is of the essence for this very worth cause.

If you have time, we similarly urge you to please also call MDC Commissioner David Balfour at 617-727-5114. You might also contact MDC Secretary Bob Durand (20 Somerset St., Boston, MA 02108) and any one else who might communicate the importance of this issue to the Governor.

Balfour’s recent letter to us:

Thank you!