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  • Annual Letter to Members, 2016

    Annual Letter to Members, 2016

    2016 has been a challenging and exciting year for the Friends.

  • Adelgid Updates: May, 2011

    Some members of the Friends who visited the Arnold Arboretum this spring we surprised to see Hemlock Hill still populated with healthy appearing tall trees free of adelgids. It was particularly surprising because the Arboretum, unlike the Friends, had decided to take no steps to arrest the infestation of the adelgids. Bob Burke made additional…

  • Insect Alert: Asian Longhorned Beetle

    The Asian Longhorned Beetle has been found in Boston. Click here to read a message from the state, and a link to a Boston.com article (in their archives at https://bostonglobe.newspapers.com/image/444000781/?match=7&terms=beetle and https://bostonglobe.newspapers.com/image/444000935/?match=1&terms=beetle. Subscription required). Here is the gist of the news. In July, a small infestation of Asian Longhorned Beetle (ALB) was found in Jamaica…