Hemlock Gorge in the Winter

Meeting Minutes: February 6, 2024

Attendees: Evan Weststrate, Paul Roberts, Sheila Purdy, Christopher Osborn, Donald Ross, Robin Dexter, Amy Kahn, Ben Kahn

Item 1: Banners for Cleanups

Still on the table. Plan is for Evan to pass over a design to Paul to send to the printer. Scout troop will pay for the printing. Recommendation: use Canva.

Item 2: Scout Projects

Stair project approved, should proceed. Memo sent to John; scout looking for Eagle Scout project. Name Colin Bechler, NNHS. Ideas that have real community impact:

New benches near stone building. Lara’s thesis can provide a good starting resource for placement ideas.

Amphitheater? Stone building is a safe place – police can patrol easily.

Maybe redefining/reworking paths. Clearing large trees

Also new graffiti on the bridge, in hard to reach locations. Daring “artists”.

put the wall back on the chestnut side of the entrance of the bridge. Maybe a wooden fence?

Lee Fisher did an amazing job with brush cleaning

Item 3: Financial Report

Will get the financial report via email. No changes from last month.

Item 4: Updates on the Stone Building

Trash still in front of it. A new tire was added to the pile. Evan will contact Erica and remind her that the trash has been there since the Fall cleanup. Ben thinks some trash was picked up. If we move it ourselves it sets a precedent that DCR isn’t responsible. Maybe they thought they picked it up already.

Item 5: The Big Branch Blocking Hamilton Place

It’s gone! Someone took care of it. And look at those beautiful logs that define the path! Maybe good for the Eagle Scout project! (great idea Chris!)

Item 6: Restaurant Depot Membership

Worth it? Chris has one! He can add us/shop for us.

Item 7: Lara’s Bench

Thesis could be a good resource for placement of a bench for scout project.

Item 8: The Next Cleanup

April vacation is still on, for now. 4/27 could work, but CRWA cleanup is on the 20th, so most will be done. Focus on trail clearing, garlic mustard, bittersweet, trail definition. Bring landscaping equipment!

Item 9: New features on hemlockgorge.org