Rehabilitation of the Elliot Street Bridge

State authorities have completed reconstruction of the Elliot Street Bridge reconstruction at the southern end of Hemlock Gorge Reservation. Restoration of the meadow is proceeding. The dedication was held in late November, 2012. The efforts of the Friends were recognized and President Brian Yates was an invited speaker. For details click here.1

To read Ken Newcomb’s account of the long history of this bridge in Makers of the Mold, click here.


I’m again not sure of the exact date this was published, but the closest archived snapshot that states that the project was completed is in October of 2017, so I’ll go with that, although the last update to the post seems to have been in June of 2019. -Charles

  1. This link is pending access approval to its contents. Once I get it, I’ll update the post. -Charles ↩︎