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Celebration of Our Spring and Fall Cleanups in 2005


Spring, 2005  

April 30

The Friends and the DCR (formerly the MDC) extend heartfelt thanks to all the many volunteers who helped despite the rainy and cool weather.


The cleanup crew sets out from Hamilton Place

Cleaning at the side of Echo Bridge. The state of the graffiti has worsened.

Newton Tab reporter Catherine Hochkeppel had a photo of the cleanup (and our webmaster) on page 1 the Wednesday after the event!

A family enjoying the park

Hard at work on the riverbank

Newton Tab reporter Catherine Hochkeppel documents our efforts


"Fruits" of a hard morning's work.

Lunch and rest for the weary volunteers in the Stone Building by the Circular Dam

Site Supervisor Bob Hassett got everything working smoothly

At the Stone Building after the cleanup

In the Stone Building

Volunteers at the Stone Building

Lunch after the cleanup

Some of the crew

The Crew who made it happen

Bonnie Pearson, John Mordes, Bobbie Demers, and Rick Pearson

A last little treat: the webmaster is pictured on the front page of the Newton Tab on May 4, 2005. The picture was taken by Newton Tab reporter Catherine Hochkeppel who is pictured above. Thirst seconds of fame for the webmaster and enduring glory for the Friends.


Fall, 2005 November 12

The property appeared to be in surprisingly good shape on this gorgeous fall day.

Friend's President Brian Yates at the meeting point at Hamilton Place

Volunteers setting off from Hamilton Place

The Ken Newcomb Memorial continue to look good at Artists' Point. Click for a larger image.

Foliage reflected in the water by the Sluiceway Dam

Echo Bridge with Falling Leaves. Click for a larger image.

The inlet leading to the Sluiceway Dam; Turtle Island is on the right.

Water coursing over the Circular Dam

The deteriorating Sluiceway Dam

The deteriorating Sluiceway Dam

A volunteer cleaning near the Sluiceway Dam

A volunteer hard at work

Cleaning on the Newton side

Mr. Schnell bringing in a bag of refuse

Volunteers near the Ken Newcomb Memorial at Artists' Point

Volunteers at work

The new look on the Needham border of the park

The new Needham border of Hemlock Gorge with the recently completed home to the lift, only a few yards from the Needham side trail in the center right of the photo. The efforts of the Friends in the early 1990s to have the property surveyed and to purchase a buffer around the park failied.


A young volunteer

A young volunteer

Friends member and long time resident of Upper Falls, Dick Beecher

Friends' Poet Laureate Sarah Hannah bringing in refuse.

Newton Tab reporter Catherine Hochkeppel returned for the fall cleanup

On the left are Ken Newcombe's son Bob and his wife Beverly with Brian Yates, Site Supervisor Kevin Hollenbeck, and Hank Lysaght

What it was all about

Kevin studied the tunnel that carries water from the Sluiceway Dam downstream. He is exploring the possibility that, by preventing water from flowing into the Sluiceway, this could become pedestrian tunnel connecting Hemlock Gorge with the downstream Riverbank.

Kevin inspects the deteriorating Sluiceway Dam. It may be possible to stop the flow (except in high water emergencies), allowing pedestrians downstream access without having to cross city streets.

Some of the volunteers at the end of the day.

The volunteers




Photographs by John P. Mordes, M.D.

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