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Celebration in Honor of Author Ken Newcomb

On the Occasion of the Publication of

Makers of the Mold

November 19, 1998

The Celebration was held on November 19, 1998 in the Newton Room of the Mann Library and was a great success.

There was a large attendance, including many members of the Friends, friends, four generations of Ken's family, and City and State officials.

Mayor Cohen of Newton read a Proclamation honoring Ken. Brian Yates read statements from Lois Pines (in the State Senate) and Kay Khan (in the State House of representatives).

There was much praise of Ken for his many years of dedicated work.

Below are some pictures taken during the celebration.

Brian Yates at the Podium

The Program was introduced by Friends President, Alderman Brian Yates.


Ken and his Family

Four Generations of Ken's Family attended!

Mayor Cohen addressing the audience.

Mayor David Cohen addresses the assembly.


Mayor Cohen presenting Ken's award.

Mayor Cohen presents Ken with a award in recognition of his work

Ken Newcomb and Mayor David Cohen

Ken Newcomb and Mayor Cohen. Compare this image with that on the Title Page of the Makers of the Mold showing Ken with former Mayor Howard Whitmore.


Ken lecturing

After presentations of awards from the Board of Aldermen and the State House of Representatives, Ken expressed his thanks and shared with the audience the story of how the book came to be written.

Ken lecturing

Ken lectures about his book and its writing.


Ken lecturing

The audience was very attentive!

Ken and Brian and the Newton Room Librarian

Ken and Brian prepare for the presentation of the typescript of the book to the city librarian.


Ken presents the typescript to the library.

Ken presents the typescript.

Ken and the Friends of Hemlock Gorge

The Friends of Hemlock Gorge celebrate with Member and Author Ken Newcomb.


Ken and John Mordes

Author Ken Newcomb and his Internet editor, John P. Mordes, M.D.

Photographs by John P. Mordes, M.D.

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