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Summer Celebration 2004

On the Occasion of our annual Summer Picnic


The Dedication of the Restored Echo Platform

August 3, 2004


The restoration of the Echo Platform was made possible by the efforts of many people extending over many years, as can be seen from some 1996 entries in the  minutes of the Friends. Senator Cynthia Creem had funding for this project placed in the Senate Budget as long ago as 1998. Click here to see a press release from that time.

The Friends extend their thanks for the advocacy of Representative Ruth Balser and Senate Natural Resources Committee Chair Pam Resor.

We also thank the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) who actually undertook the restoration and repairs: Fred Laskey, Executive Director; Tom Lindbergh, Public Access; and Jonathan Yeo, Communications Director.

The current restoration was spearheaded by Friends' members Bonnie and Rick Pearson, who worked tirelessly with the MWRA to make the project happen. More details will follow.

To all of these thoughtful people, too numerous to list, the Friends extend their deepest gratitude.

The New Echo Platform


The historic view of Echo Bridge from Artists' Point


The the newly restored Echo Platform is located under Echo Bridge on the Newton side of the Charles River. 

We hope that many generations of visitors will sit on "Ken's" bench and savor the view that he cherished so much and sought so hard to preserve.

The Celebration at which we dedicated the Echo Platform was held as part of the Friends' Annual summer picnic. 

There was a large attendance, including many members of the Friends, representatives of the MWRA, and City and State officials.

Brian Yates, President of the Friends and Alderman of Newton, presided over the festivities.

Below will soon be some pictures taken during the celebration. Clicking on many of the images will take you to larger versions.

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We start with pictures of the platform under construction. We're delighted to extend thanks to the members of the construction crew, including Dick Milewski, Jack Curran, Billy Barrow, Tony Vento, Joe Fanning and Bob Plunkett


New construction

New construction

The new platform viewed from the Needham side.

The new construction with the silk mill in the background

The new and old underpinnings

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Next, scenes from a tour of the Bridge led by Brian, before the dedication and picnic

Brian escorts local elected and MWRA officials to the top of the Bridge

Inspecting the top of the Bridge

Brian points out a deteriorated railing atop the Bridge

Atop the Bridge. Representatives Ruth Balser and Alice Peisch and MWRA Communications Director Jonathan Yeo

Another deteriorated piece of the railing. The railing has had many repairs over the years. These are now failing.

Rust from deteriorated railings discolors the Bridge

Discussing the state of the bridge with a reporter from the Newton Tab, who reported on the new platform in a very nice article.

Atop the Bridge


Soon Cho on the Bridge

Descending to the picnic and the dedication

Descending the stairway


The picnic was held beneath the arches of the bridge.


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Next, the dedication.

Heading down the new stairway to the reconstructed platform


Brian Yates, Rep. Ruth Balser, and MWRA representative Jonathan Yeo.

Representative Ruth Balser

Johanthan Yeo of the MWRA

Representative Alice Peisch.

Site Supervisor Kevin Hollenbeck

Brian Yates and John Mordes

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And then the picnic

At the picnic.

At the picnic.


At the picnic.

At the picnic.

Rep. Alice Peisch and MWRA representative Jonathan Yeo

Site Supervisor Kevin Hollenbeck (right) did yeoman's service making picnic arrangements and serving as chef extraordinaire!

Soon Cho and Rick Pearson


The dedication dessert!


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Photographs by John P. Mordes, M.D.

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