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Celebration of Our 2009 Summer Picnic


Our Summer Picnic is always a special annual treat, a time to get together on the property for which we have all worked so hard to enjoy the fruits of our labors. At the 2009 picnic Broken Rose provided the music. Friends' President Brian Yates officiated at the event and introduced several of the political figures of the city who jointed us.

Karen Osborn Shanley was again the benefactor who made the appearance of Broke Rose possible, and at the picnic she was again awarded the title of "Empress of Hemlock Gorge!"

Panoramic view of the festivities


Friends' President Brian Yates

Mayoral Candidate Ruth Balser Came

Karen Osborn Shwnley, who graciously provided the musical entertainment. Thank you!
The Empress of Hemlock Gorge

HG Site Supervisor Erica Aubin and another DCR supervisor, Lucas. They made sure we had tables and grills. Thank you!

Brian, Soon Cho, and webmaster John Mordes

Broken Rose played and were greatly appreciated.

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Bill Tedoldi and friends

It was a lovely night for a picnic on the grass.

Enjoying the concert

Brian and Soon Cho

Brian and Jackie Gavreau


Bonnie Pearson and Soon Cho. Bonnie prepared several dishes to share and brought condimednts. Thank you!

Site Supervisor Erica Aubin and Friends' Stalwart Rick Pearson

Former Friends' President Vaunita Schnell

Enjoying the concert

Mom and son

Fun for all ages at the concert

Chef Soon and sausage

Ruth Balser

A good time had by all


Everyone had fun!

Tables were supplied by the DCR

Broken Rose

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Two new members of the Friends!

Ruth Balser and Karen Osborn Shanley


Ruth Balser

There were many children at the picnic.

One of many tables of family and friends.

Soon Cho and Ruth Balser

Ruth Balser

The river flows calmly on picnic evening


Brian, Karen Osborn Shanley, and Bill edoldi

Brian, Soon, and JPM

Brian welcomes everyone.

Soon Cho

People stayed late into the evening.




Dr. John and Bonnie Pearson

Dr. John and Soon Cho

Soon dances with the band!

Broken Rose played on into the evening.

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Photographs by John P. Mordes, M.D. and Ms. Bonnie Pearson

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