The Friends of Hemlock Gorge

Annual Letter to Members, 2014

December 3, 2014

Dear Friends of Hemlock Gorge:

2014 has been a very productive year for the Friends. .

In 2015, we hope to build on the successes of the past. We will  pay most of the cost of new fences like those along the Eastern Raceway in front of the Stone Building.  Karen Osborn will continue to upgrade the landscaping in front of the Stone Building. We hope to add an informational kiosk there as well as well as upgrade the one near the parking in Needham at the other end of the Reservation.

In order to maintain this progress,  we need your help, in the form of contributions,   participation in our cleanups and our picnic,   and specialized work on everything from the designing, buying, and installing the fences, installing and tending the kiosks to exploring the use of goats to control poison ivy.

We meet the first Tuesday of every month other than July and August at 7:30 P.M. in the Emerson Community Center.   Visit for news and updates.

We hope to get your return mail, and see you at our activities, and at our meetings. Thank you for all you've done for Hemlock Gorge and for all you do for it in 2015.

With best wishes,                                                         

Brian Yates                                           John P. Mordes, M.D.

President                                              Membership Coordinator and Webmaster\

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